Friday, 20 April 2012

The Starting Line

We begin this in the place of my birth. The place where I had lived my entire life up until the point I realized that it was no longer safe. Nor was any other for that matter.

I had lived in Las Vegas since the day my mother gave her life to bring me into this world. My father worked extra hard to support us on a card dealer's salary. Very often I was left by myself, something not safe for a child of my age, but hell if we had enough money for a baby sitter. I learned I was the only one who could take care of myself, and not to rely on others from such a young age, never opening my heart to anyone for the longest time. We got along just fine dad and me. I learned to stay out of his way when he had been drinking, and he learned that my existence was an obstacle on his path to a happier life. He went away 25 to life for attempted murder.

On my own finally. Not really having to rely on anybody. The state wasn't a great care taker, with too many kids and not enough money to feed all the hungry mouths. I can't say I wasn't partially hoping for this, the opportunity to make my own way, find my own food and shelter seeing as foster families don't want teenage boys hanging around. Time slipped away on the strip as the rain poured over my head and I watched the happy tourists, finding their joy in sin, scandalous behaviours, and prospect of big money right around the corner. I could see the true faces under those masks of the innocents, full of greed and devilish charms. How cruel and kind god could be all within the same block.

I grew, becoming old enough to get a job, and I put myself through school. I refused to be like my father, unable to support whom so ever came into my life, if that could even happen for a person who closed off their heart to everyone. I slowly made friends in school...and that is where this all started.

A simple link.

Innocent enough until clicked, and then I was pulled into his world. The nightmares started soon after but I brushed it off. No way this would happen to me, I'd gone through enough in my life that god couldn't possibly wish this upon me. At the time, perhaps I was right about God having nothing to do with this, and a tough life is my fate. In any case I went about my daily life, going to my classes and meeting my life, trying to be as normal as possible during the day while at night my dreams were haunted by the paranormal. Fiction created by others to simply become nightmare fuel for the poor suckers like me. I tired to keep a normal life...but honestly, how long could that last?

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