Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Beginning

To whom so ever this reaches,

I am sorry to those that are still human. My fight seems to have failed and I am running through the shadows that used to be our grand cities. Forgive me if you can find it in your heart, but I hold very little hope that you are still like me. I am a fool for believing that he can't find me...I know very well that he lets me run to see my failures in the true light, untouched by my previously skewed visions of grandeur. When will I join his legions? When will I lose myself to his wills? That I don't know...but I at least have enough time to warn you.

He is coming. If you found this blog I think that you already know who he is, and right now...I am afraid to say his name should he use his path of the damned to find me, though now I am not really a threat. Now that I think about it...I never really was. That's not my point. In any case, he is coming. Not just for the runners or for the people who know of his existence, but for the normal folk, who live their life blissfully unawares. Soon no one will be safe from his clutches. None will escape his spider like hold and octopus like tentacles. We will all see his featureless face and hear the demon like scream in our dreams, and that is just the beginning.

This territory has never been crossed before, and who even knows if there is even a way out. Please be careful, don't trust anyone. They could be one of his messengers of death and destruction. Tread on the safest path my friends...and may your life end in the least painful way possible.

Your ever watching friend

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