Sunday, 22 April 2012

The First Check-Point

Have you ever felt like you were dreaming, even though you were wide awake?

Things can't be real, but in the back of your head the mantra repeats it's self. "This is real. This is real. This is real."

There is nothing you can do to change what you are seeing, nothing will bring you back to the times that were so calm and predictable, for you already know. What has been seen, can not be unseen.

As I said, this all started with a harmless link. I sat in my room, darkened except for the light of my lamp. The click of my mouse and the tapping of keys was deafening in the silence of the night, but I was absorbed. It was impossible to turn away from. Next thing I knew it was almost dawn, and the studying I was supposed to do had been untouched. So much for the test I was supposed to have. There was something strange about this lore that my friend had sent seemed to me this was far more than just the stories my friends laughed at as hoaxes. It must be real, at least that is what my sleep deprived brain was yelling at me. I decided to ignore it's warning and get some rest.

Class went decently enough, the test not as hard as I believed it to be. I spent the day out, laughing, partying, trying anything to get the topic out of my head. It seemed to be a small itch, always present, begging me to read and become a part of the larger story. Eventually I returned, the pull to hard to escape, my own curiosity a twisted and warped creature wishing to pull me deeper into the new found source of despair.

I clicked the link again, ready to delve back into what I now know is his own personal playground. The list where he can choose his unsuspecting victims from and draw them into his maze like realms, ready to strike them down once their usefulness has expired. I clicked, ready, willing to once again take the plunge....and there was nothing. Nothing at all. The information was gone, deleted and finished. It was too much. The laugh I let out scared me, chilling me to the very core. What was I becoming?

I noticed movement outside my window, and caught the sight of someone in a hoodie. Had they been watching? Did they know? Was it one of his followers who had been sent to see if I would once again take his bait and draw myself into his world? I didn't know...I didn't really care as the fear bloomed in my chest. At this point, there was only one thing I could do, one thing that would make sense to my fear hazed brain.

I ran

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