Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Third Check-Point

I suppose the more I run, the closer I get to my inevitable end, the more I start to see the true world. The sheep so easily lead to their slaughter on only pretty lies, they have earned my pity. I am not running to save myself, but to warn you, to give others the chance I never had. I have come to the realization that since I became involved in this whole series of events, my time was limited. Mortality is nothing to be scared of, and I am willing to die. Perhaps that is why at this point I am still alive, staring up at the stars and taking in the beauty of our universe.

They were watching. I now knew it as I stared through the blinds of my window. I hadn't been out in days, but nothing had bothered flicking past my window. There were no shadows in the corner of my eye to warn me of my impending doom. The world just seemed to move past me at it's own pace, and I wondered if I was stuck, bogged down by my fear. People seemed to be concerned, knocking on my door, sending me messages, but I ignored them. If I explained what I feared, they wouldn't understand, and as I had read, it would just drag them into his construct. I moved from the window, pacing my darkened room once more, stuck within my own thoughts. I would need to move soon, being locked up was no good for the body, and certainly not for my mind.

I hopped into the shower, washing off the dirt of days spent thinking and nights spent fearing the worst would come for me. It felt good to be back to something a little more like a normal life. I wondered what had made me fall so far, take something that was just a scary story so seriously. There had been no indication that it was real at all, so perhaps I had made myself anxious for nothing. Hopping out of the shower and wiping off the condensation from the mirror, I wiped at the stubble on my jaw. Just how long had I stayed here, locked up with no chance to see light, not eating. I was certainly skinnier, and the need to eat had left me, but that only hinted at how hungry I was. Oh god...what had I done to myself?

I walked out of the bathroom, head reeling with the revelations that it wasn't anyone else killing me right now. I was killing myself with fear and worry. I pulled on a pair of loose sweatpants and a t-shirt, with a typical College hoodie pulled over top. I needed to eat, even if it was something light. I stood at the door to my dorm room, hesitating. I didn't know if I was ready to come back out into the real world. I had retreated so far into my head that I wasn't sure if anything could ever be right again. I hadn't been that deep before, even in my childhood, which as I said was less than desirable. It took me twenty minutes to work up the courage to walk out the door and lock it tight behind me.

Walking out of the dorms, I noticed the pallor to my skin in the half light as twilight sank around the buildings of campus. I walked towards the student centre, towards the successful completion of my quest for food. It took me a while to notice the increase in foot traffic around me. It was gradual, hardly worth bothering with until I was almost crushed on all sides by the hoodie wearing band. A white hot band of fear struck through me, and I tried to push out of the circle, but hands pulled and pushed me back into the circle. I clawed at these people, lashed out and tried to fight, but nothing seemed to faze them as they brought me closer and closer towards their centre, towards the biggest one of them all, face hidden behind a mask. It spoke softly, but the voice sounded like something I had never heard before, grating and unpleasant, but silky sweet like honey. This is what he told me.

"He is coming for you. He knows who you are, and you can not deny fate."

And then they were gone, leaving only the chill on my skin and a fearful sob on my lips.

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