Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ever Watching

Who am I?

You ask for answers that I can't yet give to you. That would also spoil my fun, and I am all about having fun. I stretch my hand out to those I feel can, entertain me. Those who can put on a show and give me exhilaration instead of wallowing in my own boredom. Someone that will have the blood rushing through my veins, pulse pounding, and skin tingling with excitement as they struggle. Their trials and tribulations, only a lead into the violent and slow death that I have personally concocted for each and every single victim. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Unfortunately this time my "fun" must be different. The truth is I am getting older, and I don't know how much longer He will allow me to continue to take his minions and prey to run my games. Lately he has been trying to interfere with my plans, use my own pawns against me. It only makes for more interesting scenarios, more leeway to do as I wish. He wants to fight me so be it, but I wonder if he understands that it will only serve to heighten my enjoyment. I have no need to live once this game is finished, however,


I must find a way for all this to continue after I am gone. I have already made the decision that I need a successor to my play, a fresh mind to spruce up the worn out and tired ideas. This game is for that single purpose. I will take the very last shattered and broken soul, hands still coated in fresh blood, and shape them into my image. Make them an heir to my vast empire. Before He kills me I must succeed. This is not simply a matter of legacy, of leaving behind my will when I am gone. No. This is about showing someone else what the world truly has to offer, finding a way to make sure my efforts have not gone to waste. I know I am far from immortal, but I am making sure that this kind of game will always be played.

Tall, Dark, and Slender can no longer stop this plan, not only will I not allow it, but a successor will be named with or without me being alive. The pieces have already been assembled for this last round. I am excited to see who will break under the pressure, who will fight their way through, and who will seek refuge in their mind, searching for a better time to forget the gruesome deaths around them. I've seen all kinds of things from the people thrown into my arena, for often their kindness turns to brutality. Just the thought of putting this into motion has me shivering in delight. I rule this little world, like a madman in control of people trapped in a snow globe, fighting to survive. I want to see them let go of those morals they hold so dear in their daily lives

There I go again, almost spilling all my plans before the main event. I should learn not to rant so much and keep some things a surprise. I suppose that more things will be found out as it is told how my games moved forward. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as my master plan is brought to light. This all went on under your noses and you never knew a thing. Just that thought has me giggling.

For Your Entertainment, 

The Ever Watcher

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